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About Wendy

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”


Photography is a life journey for me, taking me down magical unknown roads and meeting wonderful and amazing people along the way. It is my passion and a form of creative expression, art and love. I love to capture the interaction and inner-essence that makes an individual or family unique and beautiful. As the saying goes “the eyes are the window to the soul” and photography can tell a soul’s story like nothing else can. A picture tells about one’s passions, one’s history, one’s dreams and one’s loves. A picture tells a “story” without the written word and leaves it completely open to interpretation, and everywhere I look around me there is a “story” just waiting to be told.

Just for fun, here are some random tid-bits about me…………

~My favorite sound is the laughter of children
~I love Mother Earth and all she has to teach us
~I still think my dad is a Super Hero
~Wild flowers and butterflies always make me smile
~I love practical jokes, story telling and useless knowledge
~I love to write, paint, read, garden, kayak, travel and learn about other cultures
~My favorite childhood book “The Giving Tree” still makes me cry
~I have deep love and appreciation for all things vintage
~By far the best life experience I’ve ever had is being a mom